Tactical Life - Aug/Sept 2019
As Tactical Life’s editorial and design team brainstormed for this precision-driven issue’s cover imagery, we came across a veteran-owned company called RE Factor Tactical. It became our inspiration for the cover of what we believe to be the most interesting, most patriotic gun-lifestyle magazine in history!

  • HELO SNIPING - Take your marksmanship to the next level with Accuracy 1st and Rotor Recoil
  • GHOST OF VIETNAM - The Ghost Gunner can help you build a Hydra-Matic M16A1 at home
  • STILL VICTORIOUS - The Springfield Saint Victor keeps on ticking after firing 7,000 rounds
  • A NEW REVOLUTION - POF-USA pulled out all the stops to make this sleek direct-impingement version
  • M42A2 FOR YOU - The wait’s over! Remington Defense is now offering mil-grade arms for the rest of us
  • GRIN AND BARRETT - The legendary company’s latest REC10 will leave you smiling from ear to ear
  • BEST OF THE BEST - On the firing line with the world’s top shots at the 2019 USASOC Sniper Challenge
  • TACTI-CARRY - BlackHawk’s latest duty rigs offer the security you need without hindering your speed
  • THE NIGHTFORCE IS STRONG - After 27 years, Nightforce Optics is still going long and deadly
  • CUSTOM CORNER - Meet Don Fraley, SRT sniper and military top shot turned custom king
Price: $9.95