Tactical Life - Oct/Nov '19
Hunting is a big focus this issue with modern big-bore rifles from Barrett, Stag Arms, Ruger and more. We’re also bringing you the latest in optics, suppressors, handguns and tactics.

  • WEED WARRIORS - How California’s Marijuana Enforcement Team is stopping Mexican cartel operations
  • PHANTOM RESCUE - An undercover look at the gray men working to rid the world of human trafficking
  • ANDERSON’S ANSWER - The new AM-10 Hunter packs .308 power and incredibly doesn’t need any lube
  • THUMPING HOGS - On the hunt with Ruger’s boar-busting Scout Rifle in .450 Bushmaster
  • SUB-$1,000 STUNNER - PWS’ long-stroke piston operating system is now more affordable than ever before
  • STOCKPILE - New and noteworthy gear that you simply can’t miss
  • BATTLE BLADES - BlackHawk teams up with retired U.S. Navy SEAL Andrew Arrabito to introduce five sick designs
  • EXCLUSIVE GUNS - Looking for something truly special? Lipsey’s has you covered with these 10 great offerings
  • RELOAD ZONE - How to clone your own monolithic 5.56mm rounds for tactical applications
  • AFTER HOURS- Savor the success of your hunt or range day with these great gun-centric labels
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