Tactical Life - Dec '19
Hollow points? Who needs those? We take you behind the scenes of Black Hills' cutting-edge line of HoneyBadger ammo. In this issue we show you how this ammo represents a complete rethinking of how premium defensive rounds ought to look, fly and penetrate.

  • THE MIGHTY HONEYBADGER - The science and testing behind Black Hills’ game-changing ammo
  • BATTLE BLADES - A behind-the-scenes look at legendary knife-maker Spyderco
  • COMPACT THUNDER - A hands-on look at the Cry Havoc GAU-5A, the U.S. Air Force’s new backup weapon
  • HIGH-END - The ultimate Beretta 92 is here thanks to Wilson Combat
  • WEATHERBY REBOOTED - Now in Wyoming, the master of magnums has unveiled a new rifle, caliber and shotgun
  • DOUG THE BOUNTY HUNTER - Fugitives don’t stand a chance against the expertly armed and trained Doug White
  • TACTICAL RIDES - The future is here with France’s next-generation armored vehicle
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FIGHTERS - These sleek 2A Armament pistols and carbines were born for running and gunning
  • GUN RIGHTS - How America’s biggest box store is “assaulting” law-abiding Americans
  • EXECUTIVE PROTECTION - Canik’s unstoppable TP9 returns with added class for VIPs
Price: $9.95