Tactical Life - Jan/Feb 2020

This special Stealth issue of Tactical Life is dedicated to the quiet, low-profile approach. We’re talking covert operations for military and law enforcement personnel, silent hunting at night, home security, and all the tactics and gear that entails.

We have several “first looks”, including in-depth gun reviews on Desert Tech’s updated SRS-A2 Covert (the world’s shortest precision rifle), Sig Sauer’s MCX Rattler Canebrake and Wilson Combat’s Ranger in the brand-new .300 HAM’R, to name just a few. Our love for all things stealth runs deep in this issue of Tactical Life. Are you ready?

DESERT TECH’S MINI SNIPER - Taking aim with the world’s shortest precision rifle, the updated SRS-A2 Covert

PACKING VENOM - Testing Sig Sauer’s deadly-quiet MCX Rattler Canebrake pistol in 300 Blackout

DON’T FEAR THE REAP-IR - Trijicon’s latest tech can help you own the night

THE HUSH PUPPY RETURNS - The Vietnam-era silencer system of the Navy SEALs is back and better than ever

PATRIOT RENEGADE - POF-USA takes the .224 Valkyrie to new heights with its cutting-edge SPR

BYE BYE BLACKOUT - Wilson Combat drops the .300 HAM’R on hogs and other game

COVERT OPS - Three secret spy pistols from the past you never knew existed

GUN RIGHTS - A case of Big Government going too far in the Global War on Terror

ON TARGET - How to gain the edge at night with today’s most popular handgun sights

LOAD UP - The best new gear showcased at Athlon Outdoors’ latest event in Ida

Price: $9.95