Tactical Life - March 2020
Volume 14 Issue 1

March 2020

The future is here! In the gun world, 2020 is sure to bring new calibers, new guns to satisfy every need and new gear you didn’t even know you needed. The March 2020 issue features Sig Sauer’s cutting-edge Cross rifle, the company’s return to the bolt-action game with both hunting and tactical applications in mind. It’s quite the head-turner, as we all learned at our recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. You’ll want to read all about it in this issue so let’s get to it! 

CARRYING THE CROSS  Sig Sauer returns to the bolt-action world with the perfect sporter/sniper

BEHIND THE LEATHER  An inside look at how DeSantis continues to make top-quality holsters

BATTLE OPTICS ROYALE  Five of today’s best combat sights duke it out on the range

COMPACT CRUSADER  Daniel Defense creates the ultimate 5.56mm defender

EIGHT RELIABLE RANGE BAGS  Great choices for toting all of your favorite shooting stuff

ROAD TRIP The industry’s finest get wild in Wyoming with guns, motorcycles and barbecue

TACTICAL RIDES  Take a trip on the dark side with the 999-horsepower Ramsmobile RM-X2

SCREEN GEMS A closer look at Netflix’s Secret City, a political thriller set in modern Australia

AFTER HOURS  How to make a classic cocktail named after a famous French artillery piece

PARTING SHOTS  Anna Paulina Luna is ready to take on Congress and more for our 2A rights

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