The New Pioneer - Fall 2020

Happy birthday to us! We’re turning 10 this year and what better way to celebrate than with some of our closest friends and… you! We’re all celebrating things differently these days so we compiled the most up-to-date information you need to continue facing these unprecedented times.

Our chicken guru, Pam Freeman, and her family are our cover story in this issue. Pam takes you through the steps needed to raise a healthy, productive flock for meat, eggs or both. Author Barbara Delbol describes how to plant a fall garden so you can enjoy fresh produce well into winter while Amy Grisak writes about using a root cellar for long-term food storage.

Even though we are facing unprecedented times, our message today is the same as it was in 2010: Being as self-reliant as possible is the best antidote for troubled times.

HOME & GARDEN HACKS – Prepare for a healthy and delicious autumn season

VICTORY VEGGIES – Time it right and you can grow your own goodies to harvest through fall and winter

CHICKENS 101 – An easy guide to starting your own productive backyard flock

KEEP YOUR CHAINSAW HUMMING – Maintenance and buyer’s guide

EASY, PEASY PALLET CHAIRS – Repurpose that pre-cut wood to make and take some lazy lawn seats

GET YOUR BREW ON – A simple guide to making hooch in challenging times

FROM DECOR TO DELISH – Make polenta from fall’s leftover Indian corn

HOMESTEAD PROTECTION – A commonsense approach to keeping your family safe on rural property

LIVIN’ THE BIRD-DOGGIN’ DREAM LIFE – Anna Van Nostrand found her passion in shorthairs and is passing it on

PIONEER PRODUCTS – New products for homesteaders and outdoorsmen
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