Tactical Life - March 2021

Considering the recent events of early 2021, it can be stated that we’re a nation that’s truly divided on many key issues. At the forefront for Tactical Lifers is retaining our right to keep and bear arms uninfringed.

Should we have any faith in the recently reintroduced National Reciprocity and Hearing Protection Acts? They’re dead on arrival, no? At the end of the day, many questions will remain. But, this is certain: We are the United States of America and we love our freedoms as they were written by our founding fathers.

The big splash/first-look this issue is FN’s latest multi-mission gem—the FN 509 Edge Long Slide. Other first-looks include: a piece on how Leupold is reinventing red-dot sights, and Blackwater is reinventing how triggers get pulled on AR-platform rifles. And for those who live by the mantra “Go Big Or Go Home,” check out the big-bore section that includes SERO’s bullpup Lynx .50 BMG and Hatsan’s Hercules Bull air beast.

And don’t miss author Todd Burgeen’s Staccato vs. Nighthawk Tale Of The Tape shootout and Frank Melloni’s Ammo Match where he puts seven .458 SOCOM loads head to head through a Wilson Combat Recon. Karen Hunter also gives readers an exclusive peek into the heart and soul behind the “One Gun, One Gunsmith” Nighthawk family. AR tinkerers will also want to read our tutorial on installing a Rise Armament drop-in AR trigger.

We encourage all of you to stay calm, stay vigilant and stay safe. You can start by picking up your copy today!

THE BIG CAT – SERO’s GM6 Lynx .50 BMG bullpup is ready to pounce—big time

BEHIND BORTAC – Shedding light on America’s little-known elite fighting force

ON THE FN EDGE – A new long-slide pistol that pulls duty during the week and wins on weekends

SAVAGE GOES LONG – Shooting at a half-mile and more with the new 110 Precision in .300 PRC

SHORT & SWEET NINE – SAR USA’s 109T import is a new and fun take on an American classic

AMERICAN JAKHAMMER – See how Century’s workingman’s AK stands up to a 4,000-round beat down

STOCKPILE – New guns and gear for shooting, hunting and personal-defense

ADVANCED OPTICS – First look at Leupold’s tiny “outside-of-the-box” red-dot

CAN CORNER – Now hear this: The Banish 30 Gold multi-cal. can is one quiet choice

AIR SUPPORT – A look at Hatsan’s accurate and game-ready Hercules Bully bullpup

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