Tactical Life - April / May 2021

As gun owners and general Constitution-respecting Americans, we seem to be under attack in nearly every aspect of our lives. To compound that, we are now suffering through political turmoil, complete with a new anti-gun administration sure to push its gun-control schemes for the next four years. It can be overwhelming to even the strongest among us.

To help ease the woes of the times, we’ve adorned the covers of the April/May issue with some serious firepower. Subscribers will receive our cover edition featuring DRD Tactical’s APTUS wearing a Primary Arms SLX Gen III Prism scope along with B&T’s APC9K with an Aimpoint Micro T2, SilencerCo Omega and a SureFire X400. USA cover receivers will get a look at Springfield Armory’s new 10mm Ronin as well as American Tomahawk Company’s Model 1.

Issue highlights: A first-look at Springfield Armory’s leap into the red-dot optics market with its Hex line. We go extreme range with “Queen Rei” Huang as she and author Sean Utley prep for 2-mile competitions. See how the suppressor market’s still rising with the up-and-comer Rex Silentium. Take a test drive with Fred Mastison and the new Walther PDP (Performance Duty Pistol). The many 6.5 Creedmoor fans won’t want to miss Frank Melloni’s “Ammo Match” column where he runs eight match loads through a Daniel Defense Delta 5. Will Dabbs shows you how to build your own Class III carbine. We’ve also got Travis Haley in the house, as Nick Perna takes one of his CQB class using a gun equipped with a new Vortex Strike Eagle.

There’s plenty more in store in the 132-page issue...So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

QUEEN REI – Brains, beauty and an unmatched passion for ELR competition

PERFORMANCE DUTY PISTOL – Walther’s new PDP is prepped to take the tactical and EDC world by storm

ROCKIN’ 10MM RONIN – Springfield takes the legacy of the 1911 into the bigger and better zone

AMERICAN TOMAHAWK – Resurrecting and carrying on the legacy of a WWII Marine

RIMFIRE PHENOM – Meet world-beater Chris Barrett and his Magnum Research SwitchBolt

DRD TACTICAL APTUS – A quick-takedown AR that truly is ready for all calls of duty

ON TARGET – Springfield's HEX mark’s its leap into the red-dot market

FIELDCRAFT – Head west to SUB MOA Shooting Institute for a hunter/sniper tune up

TACTICAL RIDES – How to give your truck a lift for all the right reasons

GUNS & COUNTRY – Hitting the range with country up-and-comer CJ Solar

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