Tactical Life - Oct. / Nov. 2021

There are monumental happenings in our history that get burned into the physical memory. Twenty years ago—September 11, 2001—was one of those moments. Arguably there was no other time in modern American history when our nation was more unified—100 percent standing proudly flying the Stars and Stripes, singing the national anthem, saluting our courageous military, police and first responders. We need to get back to that. That sense of pride and patriotism should never become a forgotten thing of the past.

This issue and quite frankly every issue, is a salute to all those who have been sacrificing themselves in the name of freedom since 1776. To emphasize that point, the October/November issue features a limited edition “16-page mini-mag” dedicated to FN America and their battle-proven, ever-growing family of Tools Of Freedom.

And what could be more American than the 1911? Nothing! Be sure to check out Fred Mastison’s cover feature on Nighthawk’s Delegate and Springfield’s Emissary .45s. Also in this issue, author Garrett Lucas repurposes an American lever-action icon to meet the challenges of the 21st century world—we’re talking about the Space Cowboy Marlin! Also running…Len Waldron masters the art of the red-dot in the Rockies with Alpine Arms, Mastison discusses why the USA should take a page from the Israelis’ playbook when it comes to counter terrorism, and Eugene Nielsen sits down with Dom Raso to discuss why now’s the time to ARMR-UP your life Navy SEAL style.

What’s that, you want some John Wick-style content? We’ve got it, and we’ve got some hot bulletproof clothes, drum-beating with CZ Scorpion, a .17 HMR Rimfire Rumble, micro-pistols guide, and we even do some running and gunning with Sig Sauer’s Next Generation Squad Weapons

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

SEND IN THE .45s – Nighthawk’s Delegate and Springfield’s Emissary report for CCW duty

RAGING SIG MGs – It’s live-fire time with Sig’s new Next Generation Squad Weapons

BULLET-PROOF THREADS – A guide for adding a wearable layer of personal-defense

MICROS BATTLE ROYALE – Four of the newest max-capacity subcompacts duke it out

WAYPOINTING WHITETAILS – Hit the Adirondack big woods with a next-gen, bolt-action classic

 DRUM ROLL, PLEASE – Time to feed a Scorpion with Magpul’s D-50 and cap it with Dead Air Wolf Man

STOCKPILE – New guns and gear for shooting, hunting and personal-defense

BATTLE-GRADE – New full-auto weapon from the world’s best machine gun maker

LARGE FORMAT – Cool running with Diamondback’s modern 5.7x28mm hand cannon

AIR SUPPORT – First look at Hatsan’s new power-packed, chassis-style PCP air rifle

Price: $9.95