Heritage Journal - 2023 - GUN BUYER'S GUIDE

Welcome to Heritage country!

The American Shooting tradition and heritage runs as far back as the black powder days of the Old West and beyond. It is an essential part of the fabric of our nation.

To honor our storied past, we’ve teamed up with the folks from Heritage Firearms to bring you our premier issue of Heritage Journal. Not only does Heritage Firearms strongly believe in our country's long-standing traditions but it understands that it should not cost an arm and a leg to buy a firearm that’s made in America with modern manufacturing.

That’s what Heritage Manufacturing is all about – Preserving the Legacy. For this issue we’ve tapped the likes of Fred Mastison, “LaVista” Bill Bell, Kenzie Fitzpatrick, and Dennis Adler to take a look at the Rough Rider revolver, Barkeep revolver, and the Rancher Carbine. Our team discuss the look and feel of classic, timeless, and down to earth products available from Heritage. While there’s no price tag on fun but if there was, it would be the cost of an affordable Rough Rider.

Now saddle up your .22 LR (or .22 Mag) and take your place in the American Shooting tradition. Be a part of the heritage.

THE ROUGH RIDE STORY – So much more than just a Single Action Army clone

MY FIRST SINGLE ACTION – The Rough Rider might be the way to go to introduce someone to the shooting world

ONE-STOP SHOP – Heritage offers a wide selection of accessories to personalize your Old-West kit

ON THE HUNT – The Rancher is your do-it-all varmint carbine

SILVER SCREEN RANCHERS – Movies and television shows featuring the famed revolving carbine

SALOON SHOOTOUTS – Wild days from the Old West lives on through CAS and Heritage Manufacturing






Price: $8.99