Ballistic - April / May 2023

Are you feeling lucky? Don’t you just feel that overwhelming sense of luck when you see the number 7? There’s a whole science behind that, but we not going into that here. But when Hornady’s new 7mm PRC was introduced to Ballistic’s editorial team back in October of 2022, we knew then that shooters—hunters and long-range enthusiasts alike—were damn lucky to have it! Check out Sean Utley’s cover story, where he and his Hornady hunting partners stacked up game and made some remarkable shots, too!

Speaking of numbers… we’ve compiled the following “Best Of SHOT Show 2023” roundups: Top 10 shotguns, 24 new hunting rifles, 20 best concealed carry handguns, plus new ammo and 21 off-road vehicles.

Sharing the cover spotlight with Hornady is none other than the next-gen S&W M&P 5.7. There’s that number seven again! Mike Detty breaks down Smith’s new 22+1 capacity beast featuring a whole list of innovative tech.

Other big-hitting stories include a deep dive into the guns of the Yellowstone franchise, a review on Canik’s mighty Mete micro 9mm, and Reuben Bolieu talks Survival shop with Kevin Estela and EJ Snyder.

Last and certainly not least, the Skillset section is headlined by American Sheriff Mark Lamb. You won’t want to miss that story plus features like “Insider Info,” “5 Skillsets To Master,” “World’s Whackiest Taxidermy” and much more.

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YELLOWSTONE FRANCHISE POWER – Where the Old West meets battle-bred steel

DEADLY SEVEN – Hornady pushes the envelope of hunting and long-range shooting with the 7mm PRC

5.7 POWER BOOST – S&W’s M&P 5.7 delivers 22+1 capacity, plus innovative technology

MIGHTY METE MICRO – Canik’s new fully loaded 9 packs a ton of reliable punch for the price

NO JACK CITY – Common sense and useful theft deterrents for your wheels

MR. SANDBOX & MS. GUN BUNNYWhich influencer is the top needle-mover with fingers truly on the pulse?

SURVIVAL SHOP TALK – With Kevin Estela and EJ Snyder


BREW HA HAMeanderings of a modern cavalier

THE UNKNOWNSGet to know two small ammo companies with some pretty big products

SPY MUSEUM ROAD TRIPA not-so-top-secret visit to the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.

AFTER HOURS  – Bentley Motors and Macallan partner to bring a one-of-a-kind whisky

STOCKPILEEditors’ hot picks for new threads, gadgets and more

HUSH LITTLE RIMFIRETime to let ’em fly quietly with SilencerCo’s Sparrow 22 suppressor

A LATITUDE FOR GOING LONGITUDEHit your mark with a PRS-quality scope that won’t break the bank

UNDERCOVER AWESOMECentury Arms’ AP5-M is the closest you can get to a Cold War-era spy submachine gun








CLASH OF THE TINY TITANSBattleBots carnage and destruction ride to Vegas for the ultimate showdown

AMERICAN SHERIFFBehind the meteoric rise of Mark Lamb—the boldest, straightest-shooting patriot

5 SKILLSETS TO MASTERFrom emergencies to looking fly, learn these skills and step up your man card

HEAVY BATTLE METALSwedish band Sabaton honors military history and war heroes like no other

FIGHT WORDS TO THE WISEHow to de-escalate before you land in jail or worse

WHACKY TAXIDERMYA collection of macabre monstrosities you can’t unsee

LAST CALLBossman sounds off, plus pics of #SKILLSET

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