Combat Handguns - Nov. / Dec. 2023

As the sizzling summer starts to wind down, CH content creators are putting on the afterburners. We’re covering the gamut of firepower for everyday concealed carry, LE duty, sporting purposes, and everything in between. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this issue's two-hit combo cover.

First, we’re hitting you with the Springfield Echelon series 9mm duty pistol and following it up with FN America’s Reflex 9mm. This duo represents true winners from two of America’s most trusted and relied-upon makers. Garrett Lucas gives you a full evaluation on both and asks… What’s not to love?

Also in this issue, Gary Paul Johnston’s “Guns With A Past” on the Medusa sixshooter, a “Tale Of The Tape” duel between a classic S&W and Kimber’s newest K6xs, Joshua Hood’s five Canik SFx Rival DIY upgrades, and Frank Melloni’s review of Korth’s new 8-shot NXS.

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THE GREAT REFLEX – FN’s new micro-compact offers big performance without busting the bank

FIERCE MODULAR FIGHTER – Springfield’s visionary COG-driven Echelon 9mm series looks to redefine duty and EDC

SNUBBIE FIGHT CLUB – S&W Model 642 and Kimber K6XS in a “Tale of the Tape” matchup

RUGER VAQUERO REBORN – Tyler Gun Works’ Featherweight .45 Colt punches well beyond its weight class

GIMME TEN – Smith pulls out all the stops with its new M2.0 Performance Center 10mm

KILLER HI-POWER CLONE – Girsan modernizes Browning’s classic with its new MC P35 Ops

STATUS STEEL – Hands-on the world’s finest 8-shot revolver… the Korth NSX .357 Mag/9mm

LEGEND FOR THE FALL? – Up your man card with this test of Taurus’ new 10.5-inch Raging Hunter 460

BRUEN REIGNS SUPREME – Last year’s high court decision has been a boon to the right to keep and bear arms


SELF-DEFENSE & THE LAW – Better think long and hard before believing in smart gun tech

ASK THE PROS – Springfield’s Rob Leatham shares what’s inside his range bag of tricks

STOCKPILE – Editors’ picks for new and noteworthy guns and gear

GUNS WITH A PAST – The gadget gun that shoots virtually all 9mm and .38-caliber cartridges

DIY ZONE – Five easy upgrades to take your Canik SFx Rival to new heights

RIGHTEOUS RIGS – A cool collection of activewear and holsters for packing heat

BUDGET EDC – Find out what happens when an AR parts maker enters the Glock clone world

AFTERMARKET – RAMM up your Glock’s performance with The Trigger Guy USA’s “Leverage Trigger Kit”

LOOSE ROUNDS – Current events, gun politics and more

Price: $9.95