Personal Defense World - Oct. / Nov. 2023

In today’s United States of America there’s a strong “do as I say, not as I do” attitude towards everyday citizens. For example, the same state officials being escorted to and from by heavily armed security are the ones who are pushing for more restrictive gun laws. Clearly, they are thinking about restricting your life, not theirs. Hypocrisy aside, we put together this issue of PDW Concealed Carry Handguns for those stuck living in some of America’s most treacherous big cities, where danger is a constant reality every minute of every day.

In the October/November issue, Joshua Hood explains why prepping for critical situations can oftentimes mean the difference between life and death, Andy Grossman discusses your best option for at-home protection—handguns, rifles, shotguns? Bill Bell shows you how Kimber’s lightweight 6-shot K6xs revolver ticks all the boxes for daily carry, and Kenzie Fitzpatrick rounds up the best in women’s gear from 5.11 Tactical for everyday carry, competition, and outdoor adventures.

With so much more to dive into the only thing left is to pick up your copy today!


NEW K6XS Carry – Kimber’s lightweight 6-shot revolver ticks all the boxes for daily carry

ACADEMY APPROVED – Stoeger’s STR-9MC Micro-Compact proves its worth at legendary Gunsite

EXECUTIVE JUDGE – Taurus promotes their classic with enhanced performance and unrivaled elegance

FROM CROATIA WITH LOVE – The Springfield Hellion is short and sweet in all the right places

MIGHTY .380 MOUSE – Girsan MC 14T is one of the easiest loading self-defense pistol

LESS-LETHAL ALTERNATIVES – Byrna’s pepperball launchers and sprays that send attackers running in tears

CASTLE SENTRIES – What are your options for at-home protection — handguns, rifles, shotguns?

5.11 TACTICAL ESSENTIALS – Women’s gear for everyday carry, competition, outdoor adventures and travel

MODERN-DAY SAA – Taylor’s delivers a 9mm do-it-all Single Action Army

.45-70 BOARBUSTER – Pedersoli’s MarkII brings a modern-day flair to the classic lever-action

SCAM ALERT – Scammers will use a wide variety of tactics to separate you from your money


GUEST EDITORIAL – How gun-grabbers protect themselves with guns

BASIC TRAINING – Being prepared can be the difference between life and death


Beginner’s look into the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor ranges

BEHIND ENEMY LINES – Down the rabbit hole of hunting firearms laws in the state of New York

BACKYARD DADS – Options galore for concealed carry on the body, in a vehicle and at home

BUGGING OUT – Getting home with the help of Litefighter FIDO 2 AI

BUYER’S GUIDE – Ladies can stay comfortable and safe on the range while also looking stylish

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