Tactical Life - Apr/May 2019
The April/May 2019 issue of Tactical Life magazine is coming at you hot! We sent our team of contributors to Las Vegas to go check out the 2019 SHOT Show and packed this issue with all the latest and greatest from the event. We’re talking optics, shotguns, sound suppressors and more. If it’s new, it’s in this issue.

Once you’re done making your new wish list, we invite you to get to know Kevin Brittingham, the firearms industry’s most notorious trailblazer. He sat down with us and gave us an exclusive look into his Q Centerfire Rifles lab, what makes him tick and how he continues to find the motivation to keep pushing the envelope. Spoiler alert: It includes calling out mediocre workmanship!

Speaking of pushing the envelope, we took Walther’s newest 9mm Q5 Match Steel Frame out for a spin and let’s just say that the historic company has done it again. Another “first look” comes in the form of Daniel Defense’s first bolt action, which proves it’s nothing to scoff at. Just read our review for the proof.

 But if you’re not really in the market for a new gun, we’ve got the perfect DIY makeover project for your trusted Remington 700 bolt action. You’d be surprised how quickly you can turn that seasoned veteran into the new kid on the block. 
Price: $9.95