Personal Defense World - Aug/Sept 2019
You are your best defense, and your best option is to get out of a bad situation. Your chances of not being victimized increase dramatically when you’re properly armed, trained and aware of your surroundings. Yes, even at home. This is why we put together Personal Defense World. This issue includes:

  • FREEDOM FIGHTERS - Meet the women defending the Second Amendment through the DC Project
  • LOCK ’EM UP! - The best new safes and storage devices to keep your firearms secure
  • SO YOU GOT A GUN…NOW WHAT? - Handling, storage and maintenance tips to get the most from your new tool
  • FIXED-BLADE FIGHTIN’ - It’s time to cut through the BS with real tips and techniques
  • THE 610 RETURNS - And this smooth-shooting S&W sixgun is still ready to defend with 10mm power
  • LATEST DEFENDERS - Six brand-new sentinels ready to protect and serve this season
  • INTO THE WILD - Security measures to keep your family safe in the backcountry
  • LIFESAVERS  - How to keep minor wounds from becoming major problems
  • CANINE CORNER - Tips to keep you and your pup sane when it’s time to hit the road
Price: $9.95