Guns of the Old West - Fall 2019
In this special issue of Guns of the Old West, we go behind the scenes for a closer look at Deadwood: The Movie. We get answers to questions about what happened to the town and the people who made Deadwood one of the best Western sagas in recent years.

  • DEADWOOD RETURNS - The grittiest Western rides again as a feature-length film
  • THE SHOOTIST - EMF’s latest Great Western II replica honors The Duke’s final film
  • HENRY HYBRID - The new Side Gate combines legendary designs from Henry and Marlin
  • RIMFIRE WRANGLER - Ruger’s new budget-saving single action is the perfect trainer
  • WHISKEYS THAT WON THE WEST - Five Old West whiskeys that you can still drink today
  • TRIBUTE - Celebrating Steve Fjestad
  • ROOSEVELT’S RIFLES - A look back at our 26th president’s favorite lever actions
  • FRONTIER FIREPOWER - The S&W New Model No. 3 is back thanks to Uberti and Taylor’s & Company
  • SADDLE RING SENSATION - Winchester’s 1873 finally returns in authentic carbine style
  • COLT AFTER COLT- A brief history of the company’s metallic-cartridge guns after Samuel Colt passed away