Personal Defense World - Oct. / Nov. 2019
This issue of Personal Defense World Concealed Carry Handguns edition features numerous articles on handguns, ammo, gear and tactics to keep you informed and keep you safe. We’re here to help you make the right choices so you can protect those you love.

  • TEAM TACTICS - Learning to fight with a partner at Gunsite using the Mossberg MC1sc
  • KAHR TURNS 25 - And it’s celebrating its silver anniversary with a special K9
  • KIMBER STRIKES BACK -A new striker-fired hope rises after the demise of the Solo
  • TAKING FLIGHT - Testing the ultimate 9mm snubbie from Nighthawk and Korth
  • A FISTFUL OF FURY - The CZ P-10 returns—smaller, ready for optics and made in America
  • ED BROWN EVOLVES - The new EVO-KC9 takes the classic 1911 design to new heights
  • HOMEWARD BOUND - Building a get-home bag as insurance for troubled times
  • COVERT CARRY 101 - The Sig Sauer Academy covers all the bases with its game-changing P365
  • VIP STATUS - Remington’s RM380 returns in Executive trim for those who deserve a touch of class
  • GREAT X-PECTACTIONS - Glock’s new G43X bridges the divide between personal and home defense
  • DRESSED TO PROTECT - How minor alterations to your garments can help you hide a handgun
  • TRUE BLACK WIDOW - North American Arms is back in black with the ultimate .22 WMR backup
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