Combat Handguns - Jan/Feb 2020
The special 40th anniversary issue of Combat Handguns is here! Filled with the exclusive “first looks” of new guns you’ve come to expect as well as retrospectives showcasing where this magazine has been. Don’t miss out on this special collectors edition issue.

  • DELTA FORCE - The Rex Delta 9mm proves it’s ready for combat after a 2,000-round torture test
  • ON THE STRAIGHT & NAROH - The new micro-compact N1 can help you carve a path to affordable EDC
  • FIRST-CLASS CZ - The CZ Custom A01-LD will make you forget about the other 9mms in your collection


  • THROUGH THE DECADES - Looking back on the history of Combat Handguns through one writer’s journey
  • WELLSPRINGS OF WISDOM - A tribute to the authors as Combat Handguns celebrates its ruby anniversary
  • IT’S ALL COVERED - Every single CH cover since the magazine first debuted in April of 1980
  • RELOAD ZONE - Was the .41 Magnum a misfit or a major hit? Only handloading can provide an answer
  • COLLECTOR’S CORNER - A brief history of Ruger’s hard-to-find factory-engraved revolvers
  • FULLY LOADED - Win an SCCY CPX-3 and everything else you need to rock and roll
  • GUNFIGHTING - How low-light tools have advanced to help shooters own the night
Price: $8.99