Personal Defense World - Dec. / Jan. 2020 - GUN BUYER'S GUIDE
The new 2020 edition Buyer’s Guide is here! This is the ultimate handbook for what’s new and what’s coming in the upcoming year from all your favorite brands. We’re giving you all the tools and keys to staying safe in 2020.

  • SCAR’D FOR LIFE - With some smart upgrades, FN’s most popular battle rifle is here to stay
  • ROCKIN’ A REVOLVER? - Tips and tactics to get the most from your wheelgun
  • ULTRALIGHT RANGER -Wilson Combat is out to prove that its latest slim and trim AR can do it all
  • AGENTS OF NIGHTHAWK - Testing 9mm and .45 ACP variants of the award-winning Agent 2
  • TWELVE-GAUGE BOOMSTICK - Mossberg’s 590 Shockwave brings all the power and speed you need for home defense
  • HOWDAH YA DO? - Pedersoli’s latest creation offers a one-two punch for taming the Last Frontier
  • DRY FIRING DONE RIGHT - How to maximize your time and skills off the square range
  • DYNAMIC CZ DUO - The optics-ready P-10 F and S are here to keep you covered in every situation
  • LESS-LETHAL ALTERNATIVES - When guns aren’t an option, reach for one of these dependable products

Price: $9.95