American Frontiersman - Winter 2020
Some folks have a tendency to go into a human form of hibernation during the winter months. But those people certainly aren’t readers of American Frontiersman magazine!
The winter 2020 issue is packed with firearm reviews, historic retrospectives, and DIY projects that will keep you busy all through out the season.

  • THE REAL “BIG FOOT” - A closer look at Thomas Sharp Spencer, a larger-than-life longhunter
  • JOHN WESLEY POWELL: EXTREME EXPLORER - The life and times of the soldier and geologist who put the Southwest on the map
  • CLASSIC HIDE CRAFT - Head to the John C. Campbell Folk School to make a coonskin possibles bag and cap
  • SURVIVAL SNARES - How to catch wild protein when your options are limited in the backcountry
  • HOMEMADE BAITS & LURES - Tap into your inner mad scientist to bring in the fur this season
  • THE BEST OF FRONTIER FRIENDS - Remembering the loyal partners that traveled with America’s explorers and settlers
  • HOW STAGS ARE BORN - An inside look at how Silver Stag Knives’ team creates quality blades for every task
  • HOW TO COOK LIKE A CAST-IRON KING - A review of Lodge’s new Cook-It-All, plus five mountain-man-ready recipes
  • SCAVENGE TO SURVIVE - Eight tricks for turning woods trash into makeshift treasure
  • CHAGA-FULL OF GOODNESS - How to hunt down and use this special mushroom to reap its many benefits
  • NEW FRONTIER GEAR - A collection of AF-approved products for modern mountain men
Price: $9.95