Personal Defense World - Feb. / March 2020

Here at Personal Defense World we believe that the smartest option for staying safe in the face of danger is to become responsible for your own self-defense. If you’re new to this mindset, this lifestyle, we’re here to help get you started.

In this issue were covering the topics that everyone should study, including “how-to” guides to fend off multiple attackers, deal with active shooters when you’re in a gun-free zone, and even break bones to escape a deadly hand-to-hand encounter. We’ve also included reviews of cutting-edge weapons and technology in case you need to restock your family arsenal.
Every issue of PDW is dedicated to bringing you the best tactics and gear to help you defend what you care about most. Your family. Isn’t that worth fighting for?


RUGER REDUX - The ultra-reliable 9mm PC Carbine returns with next-gen AR styling

WHEN YOU CAN’T SHOOT BACK - Simple steps to prepare for an active shooter in a gun-free zone

MAGNUM MASTERPIECE - The S&W Model 19 is back with plenty of Performance Center upgrades

THE REVOLVER REVISITED - How to get the most out of your defensive-carry wheelgun

BREAKING BONES - Understanding physics and anatomy to truly stop a deadly attacker

HAVE A BLAST - Vang Comp Systems takes a Mossberg 12 gauge to a whole new level of performance

ZEROING IN - Why you need to add an EOTech HWS to your home-defense firearm

PROTECTED RIDES - The French military’s new ride might inspire you to upgrade your own

ON THE EDGE - These three Bear & Son Cutlery folders will do more than protect your porridge

CANINE CORNER - How to choose the perfect dog breed for you and your family

LESS LETHAL - If you can’t carry a gun, these top-notch defenders will have your back

EDC WOMAN - The perfect women’s attire to hit the range with confidence and style

GEAR GUIDE - Must-have items that can handle a number of tasks without the added bulk

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