Personal Defense World - April / May 2020
As hinted by the cover, we’re serving up some truly sizzling content in this issue of PDW. The “main course” is the Zev O.Z-9 Compact, which, as you’ll learn, is an all-around awesome defensive handgun. It’s rocking a Trijicon SRO reflex sight, creating a pair as good as cheese and wine, and we’ve included a guide on such red-dot sights to keep you on target.
As you can tell, we’ve got a delicious mix of content for you in this issue. Like the best chefs, we’re here to serve you. But our goal is simple: We want to help you make the most informed decisions regarding your personal and home defense, whether that’s with new products or tactics. We’ve got expert advice for those who understand the weight and responsibility of self-defense. And to that, we raise a glass. May we all learn something!


COMPACT CRUSADER – Move over, Glock—Zev’s latest O.Z-9 is here for everyday carry

TAC-14 THUNDER – Remington makes it easy to own a short-barreled 12 gauge without the NFA hassle

SPRINGFIELD SHOOTOUT – Two of today’s best big-bore battle rifles duke it out on the range

BUILT TO PERFORM – Smith & Wesson brings back the Model 442 with a host of cutting-edge upgrades

WILSON’S HEAVY HITTERS – Testing two .300 HAM’R powerhouses that bring the heat for home defense

STRIKING SIGS  – The Copperhead and Canebrake pack plenty of venom for close encounters

CARRY GEAR – Versatile and easy to use, Blackhawk’s Junk Drawer can carry a wide range of guns

BLADE COMBAT – Steve Tarani’s top-notch training can help you end a fight with a karambit

CANINE CORNER – An expert details everything you need to know about protection dogs

EDC WOMAN – After a potentially deadly incident, Beth Alcazar decided to protect her floc

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