Combat Handguns - May/June 2020
With every issue of Combat Handguns, we strive to give you standout content on the guns, gear and tactics that truly stand out in a crowded market. The May/June issue gives you a first look at Wilson Combat’s new eXperior single- and double-stacks, a closer look at the Wilson EDC X9S, Kimber EVO SP (CDP) and Walther CCP M2 in .380 ACP. On top of that, along with a review of “The Dude,” a sweet Lebowski-worthy collaboration between North American Arms and TALO, we’re giving away three North American Arms defenders, with holsters and ammo to match. What more could you want?

EXCEPTIONAL STEEL - Wilson Combat unveils its most ambitious line of 1911s yet

WILSON’S EDC WARRIOR - The cutting-edge X9S provides the best balance of size and capacity

SMOOTH OPERATOR - Soft on recoil and easy to use, the Walther CCP M2 returns in .380 ACP

MIGHTY MINI - Small but fierce, this Rock Island Armory .45 packs a fistful of firepower

KIMBER EVOLVES - The master of 1911s strikes back with a new 9mm subcompact

FN AWESOME! - How a few talented gunsmiths helped create the ultimate 509 Midsize

BIG-BORE SPORTER - Remington’s 700 CP proves it has what it takes to drop predators and big game

RIGHTEOUS RIGS - The best new holsters and carry accessories making waves in 2020

ASK THE PROS - Veteran Gunsite instructor Steve Tarani details his go-to guns and gear

FULLY LOADED - Here’s your chance to win a trio of defenders from North American Arms

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