American Frontiersman - Spring 2020

No question, hunting spring and fall birds is one of America’s most thrilling hunting adventures, which calls for excellent woodsmanship, marksmanship and the ability to talk the wild birds’ language in order to punch tags each season. With hunting seasons on the horizon, we thought it was perfect to feature a timeless piece of art by David Wright on our spring issue of American Frontiersman. Wright’s “The Turkey Hunter” was inspired by the taking of his very first gobbler in the early 1980s while fielding a French-style 24 gauge that he built. Cheers to a successful spring!

THE KLONDIKE FIVE – Remembering five famous characters from the Alaska Gold Rush

FULL-COURSE RATTLER – How to clean and cook a rattlesnake without damaging the skin

TO CATCH A COYOTE – Accomplished trapper Jeff Dunlap shares his secrets and strategies

ANTLER & HORN MASTERPIECES – A closer look at Todd Strupp’s one-of-a-kind mugs, and how to make your own

DIY DEER GUN – Create your own regional rifle to target the game in your area

THE 2020 BLACKPOWDER MARKET – A collection of new and noteworthy products blasting onto the scene

ESSENTIAL AXEMANSHIP – Everything you need to process wood properly in the backcountry

BANDANA BASICS – How to make your own neckerchiefs and woggles for comfort and utility

BACKWOODS BOW SAW – How to craft a simple cutting tool that could one day get you out of a logjam

YOUNG GUNS – A bright and fresh look at what our future frontiersmen might look like