Ballistic - April / May 2020



You won’t find any fear-mongering in this issue. Instead, we’re dedicating this issue to those who stay cool during a crisis and those who think the pursuit of happiness our founding fathers spoke of included guns. Lots and lots of guns! 

IMPEACH THIS! - Auto-Ordnance gives Trump more firepower with the Keep America Great 1911

POWERHOUSE PDW - You’ll never feel outgunned with Daniel Defense’s new 300 Blackout AR

FLYING HIGH ON FULL-AUTO  - Become a door gunner and more at Gunship Helicopters

GOING LONG FOR A CAUSE - How a new precision competition is helping foster children and the country

BOLT-ACTION BONANZA - A quick glance at 20 new tack drivers hitting the market

CUSTOM CHALLENGE - Here’s your chance to win a MAGA-nificent .45 worth $10,000

CAN CORNER - Tame your favorite big bore with Wilson Combat’s new Quell suppressor

ON THE BOOKS - Twelve of the most idiotic anti-2A laws politicians have made through the years

INSIDER REPORT - Heading to Arkansas to see how Remington rounds roll off the line

WILD RIDES - Nikola’s next-gen rig is one mean, clean hauling machine

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