Combat Handguns - July/August 2020

Springfield’s coming up big in 2020 with the XD-M Elite 3.8” (shown with a Viridian C5L) and Ronin Operator 1911. We’re giving you an exclusive look at these beauties as well as the Taurus TX22, the newest Nighthawk x Colt collaboration, the SAR USA K-12 Sport and much more!

ELITE FIREPOWER – Springfield’s XD-M is back and better than ever with 20+1 rounds on tap

P320 PERFECTED – The XFive Legion takes Sig Sauer’s strikers to a whole new level

THE DO-IT-ALL TX22 – Taurus creates a rock-solid rimfire for plinking, practice and pest control

WARHORSE REBORN – Nighthawk teams up with Colt to create an instant .45 ACP classic

RIMFIRE RUMBLE – Three of the newest .22 LR semi-autos from Glock, Ruger and Taurus face off

LARGE & IN CHARGE – The best new full-sized pistols and revolvers making waves this year

BRAND-NEW AMMO – The latest loads to handle all of your handgunning needs

SELF-DEFENSE & THE LAW – Emergencies like the COVID-19 outbreak might keep cops busy, but laws still apply

ASK THE PROS – Cheyenne Dalton gives us the goods on her top guns and gear

FULLY LOADED – Here’s your chance to win the new SAR USA K-12 Sport and more

Price: $8.99