Personal Defense World - June / July 2020

In times of crisis, there’s nothing more that we hate than the panicking of a select few. We don’t trust people when they go into “panic mode.” There’s a good chance they’ll do something stupid and wind up hurting themselves or others. Instead of panicking, it’s time to stock up and learn to protect yourself and your loved ones. That’s what drove us in putting together this Concealed Carry Handguns issue of Personal Defense World, which is full of great info. We have guides on the best carry pistols that won’t break your budget, the top holsters of 2020, and how to dress to defend yourself no matter the weather. Stay safe!

THE HELLCAT STRIKES – Springfield unveils the highest-capacity micro-compact to ever hit the market

RIGHTEOUS RIGS FROM SHOT – The best new holsters and carry accessories making waves early in 2020

NEXT-G3N NINE – The latest striker from Taurus offers all the performance you need for just $345

YOUR FIRST WHEELGUN – Everything you need to know before you get into the revolver game

FORMULA 509C – FN’s successful, combat-ready striker sizes down for everyday carry

ELITE SUBCOMPACT – Canik creates an optics-ready TP9 primed for concealment

COMPACT CRUSADERS – The year’s best concealment-ready semi-autos and revolvers

SAS OPERATOR – Sig Sauer streamlines its award-winning P365 for extra speed when you need it most

MIDSIZE FIGHTER – Smith & Wesson’s M&P9 M2.0 series returns for duty and self-defense

CPX-4 COMPANION – SCCY’s latest .380 offers big performance without the big price tag

Price: $9.95