Complete Book of Reloading 2020
The 2020 issue of Complete Book of Reloading is packed with a wide array of new products released this year to make your work more productive. We’ve also included a roundup of progressive presses to help you crank out rifle and pistol ammo with speed and precision! 

  • HANDLOADER’S STOCKPILE  - A collection of the newest products to make your hours at the bench more productive
  • MAKE MINE A .357  - Even at 85 years of age, this workhorse cartridge can still hit with authority
  • CRANK UP THE VOLUME  - A look at eight progressive presses that will ramp up your productivity
  • SPEED READER - Has the chronograph finally met its match with LabRadar?
  • BUDGET BUILD-A-BOLT  - Build you own DIY rifle when you’re ready to up your precision game
  • THE MAGIC MILE - Fire up your long-range pursuits by loading the new and big 6.5 PRC
  • LONG & QUIET  - Subsonic rounds for your centerfire offer the ultimate in fun and stealth
  • .44 MAGNUM DOUBLE PLAY - A quest to find one load that’ll be spot on for both a rifle and a revolver
  • WILDCAT FEVER - Our resident mad wildcatter takes you through the history of his affliction
  • BEAR COUNTRY 10MMS - A Ruger Redhawk goes head-to-head with a S&W 610 to find the hottest handloads


Price: $4.99