American Frontiersman - Summer 2020

These undeniably tough times are time-warping us back to the age and mindset of true pioneering American frontiersmen. The days when relying on oneself and fellow countrymen was the order of the day. This summer 2020 issue is filled with the skills and lessons from stewards of the past that taught us how to survive and thrive off the wild lands and waters of this great booming nation.

FORGING AHEAD – How to build your own backyard forge for less than $100

BLACKWOODS BLADES – All the knives favored by well-known woodsmen yesterday and today

EASY GLUE FOR YOU – Follow this simple recipe to make a pine-pitch adhesive like our ancestors

A PALLET PRIMER – These free sources of wood can help you create a number of homestead items

FRONTIER FIREPOWER – A closer look at the Northwest trade gun—the first gun that won the West

THE RANGER RIDES AGAIN – The North American Arms top-break revolver is back with a longer barrel

RACKING UP RACCOONS – The best methods for trapping these masked bandits

BOBBING FOR LAKERS – Try your hand at this year-round, pioneer-proven fishing method

BOW-DRILLING TRICKS – Try the cup-notch method to maximize your fire-starting in rough conditions

HOT NEW AIRGUNS – Brand-new pistols and rifles making waves this year

Price: $10.95