Combat Handguns - Sept./Oct. 2020

As this issue went to press, the COVID-19 pandemic, which held us hostage for months, has given way to rioting and violence over the murder of George Floyd by a rogue Minneapolis police officer. What began as righteous protests has devolved into random violence. Unbelievably, many city leaders have chosen to turn a blind eye rather than make the tough political decision to enforce the rule of law, leaving law-abiding citizens to fend for themselves like never before. The new mantra, “Defund The Police,” is being shouted by thousands of people—politicians included! Fortunately for Combat Handguns readers, such an eventuality wasn’t completely unexpected. Most have spent decades building the knowledge and skills necessary to protect themselves and their families. With features like our current look at the 5,000-plus ways (that’s what the engineers told us!) the new ZRODelta Modulus can be configured, we’ve offered the best content on handguns, tactics and gear available for the past 40 years. Given the current situation, such information is more relevant now than ever.

THE MODULUS – A detailed look at ZRODelta’s new modular 9mm masterpiece

 SPEED PHENOM – On the firing line with world champion KC Eusebio and his Zev O.Z-9 Competition

FISTFUL OF FURY – FN’s new 503 offers stellar performance in a sleek, single-stack package

BIG FRICKIN’ .500 – Magnum Research creates a BFR fit for the legendary Elmer Keith

ROCK STAR – Rock Island Armory debuts a budget-minded .45 that still packs plenty of features

SELF-DEFENSE & THE LAW – Draconian COVID-19 shutdowns proved just how dangerous bureaucratic hurdles can be

LARGE FORMAT – Daniel Defense’s latest DDM4 was tailor-made for vehicle and home defense

DIY UPGRADES – Optimize your handgun for faster fighting in low-light conditions

RIGHTEOUS RIGS – New fanny packs that’ll keep you armed when other carry options won’t work

LOOSE ROUNDS – Straight talk on current events, politics and more
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