Tactical Life - Oct. / Nov. 2020

Allow us to introduce you to Rich Graham. He’s a former U.S. Navy Seal sniper turned innovator that's designed something truly state-of-the-art down in the Sunshine State. So for this October/November issue we met up with Mr. “Full Spectrum Warrior” to discuss his experiences and how he’s using his extensive knowledge of all things tactical to educate all those seeking to learn from a true patriot.

Once you’re done reading up on Mr. Graham’s guide to building a better mindset, skillset and fighting body, be sure to go to tactical-life.com for companion video content.

This issue is backed with great big-bore hunting content, too. Check out author Jay Langston as he hits the coyote fields with Hornady’s new 6mm ARC cartridge. Frank Jardim gears-up an Anderson rifle chambered in .450 Bushmaster for night duty, and gives us a hand-on look at Wilson Combat’s 300 HAM’R. Plus, Cork Graham discusses all the reasons why the 6.5 Grendel kicks the 5.56 to the curb!

Ready for Project AR? Will Dabbs shows you how easy it is to amp up your AR with some highly functional and tactically attractive accessories from Diamondhead. And you won’t want to miss our “Ammo Match” shootout where six steel-cased 9mm rounds duke it out on the range. There’s a ton more in store—hence why we’re calling it The Bigly Issue!

HUNT HAM’R – Wilson Combat’s Tactical Hunter in 300 HAM’R is poised to pound game in style

FULL SPECTRUM WARRIOR – Running, gunning and self-defense with Navy SEAL Rich Graham

CALL OF DUTY CROSSBOW – Barnett's new TS380 readies for war on zombies, racoons and big game

IWI MASADA – Meet the new kid on the polymer striker-fired playground

BATTLE OF DMRS – Rock River Arms' BT-3 Precision vs. Daniel Defense 5V3

AN SMG FOR THEE – Why the new LWRC SMG-45 might just be the perfect SHTF companion to your 1911

GUN TALK – As politicians and activists shame us, gun owners keep funding conservation —big time

CROSSHAIRS – Going out to distance with Vortex Gen III new 10X riflescope

BATTLE BLADES – In depth look at the SOG Flash AT and the other hot, new EDC folders

WILD RIDES – GM Defense’s Infantry Squad Vehicle changes how soldiers ride into battle
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