Ballistic - Oct. / Nov. 2020

Volume 6 Issue 6

The October/November issue of Ballistic magazine is here and it’s headlined by none other than bestselling tactical/political thriller author Jack Carr! In “Tools Of The Hunter & Hunted,” you’ll read about author Len Waldron’s on-location interview with the famed author to discuss his past works—Terminal List, True Believer as well as the inspirations for his latest novel, Savage Son.

Since this is our fall issue it’s packed heavily modern hunting firepower. Head to Montana to go Bullistic on elk and muleys, find out about—the shooting/outdoor enthusiasts’ new marketplace and community, check out Savage’s new Renegauge, battle ducks and coyotes with Weatherby’s latest guns, plus check out our torture test of the latest ATV from Can-Am.

On the survival side of things, we called on author Frank Jardim to review Lewis Machine & Tool’s perfect SHTF carbine. For the DIYer in you, be sure to read (and watch on how Kevin Wilkerson takes a Jeep off the heap to make it into an off-roader’s dream ride.

Don’t fall for the tricks this October and pick up your Ballistic treat today!

CUSTOM CHALLENGE – Feast your eyes on a one-of-a-kind Taurus Raging Hunter alien dropper

TOOLS OF THE HUNTER & HUNTED – SEAL Sniper Jack Carr’s James Reece goes primal in his third novel, Savage Son

TOPS CUMA KAGE – Modern-day interpretation of an ancient fighting sword

DUCK, DUCK, ’YOTE – A quacked up crew fielding new Weatherby 18i’s battles Mother Nature in Nebraska

SWEET CHASSIS – Setting up a new CZ 457 Varmint Precision .22 LR for critters or competition

SCATTERGUNS – Is Savage’s new Renegauge semi-auto perfection?

CAN-DO – Can-Am Outlander 1000R is the ultimate outdoorsman’s ATV

BAD HOLLYWOOD – Realistic or not, these epic gun-buying scenes are worth ranking

WILD KITCHEN – Mouthwatering recipes for turtle, frog and gator

THREADS – A chat with Michael Sauers, former Navy SEAL and founder of Forged Threadwork