The New Pioneer - Winter 2021
As 2020 starts to come to a close, The New Pioneer magazine is just getting started with its keys to success for 2021.

Despite these troubled times, we decided to celebrate TNP’s 10th birthday and the start of its next decade in this issue. The reason? To illustrate the value of a self-reliant mindset when life throws us curve balls. We catch up with our first cover family, the Caldwells, and show you how they and others are thriving while doing what they love and striving to leave the world a better place.

We also introduce you to a family that represents the next generation of committed back-to-the landers: The Jeters in North Carolina. Adam is a vet who fell in love with farming and shares a military background with Vern Caldwell. The two families don’t know each other but are walking advertisements for the joy— and success—that can accompany rural living with a can-do attitude and the skills to get the job done. So are the owners of Jester King Brewery, who are making beer on a sustainable farm. Ten years ago that statement would have prompted: “Making beer on a what? Why?” Thanks to people like the Caldwells, the Jeters and the staff at Jester King, the idea of giving back to the land so the land gives back to future generations has gone mainstream.

Speaking of giving back, check out the Greedy Goats. The cute critters earn their keep by eating brush and weeds, fertilizing as they go and lifting people’s spirits in goat yoga classes.

Also in this issue: Guide to buying rural land, smoking with pellet-fired grills, field-stone firepits and other outdoor-decor projects, how to score at flea markets, cider-pressing and recipes and much more.

So get a jump start on planning for the new year and pick up your copy today!

KEEPING UP WITH THE CALDWELLS – Our first cover family is still living off-grid, ready for the next decade’s challenges

JOURNEY OF REDISCOVERY – Go on a wild Lewis and Clark-style ride with a homemade dugout canoe

ADVENTURES IN PEST CONTROL – Win the war against dastardly critters in your attic, yard and bird feeder

SIMPLE AND DELICIOUS CIDER – Enjoy the healthy homestead tradition of pressing apples for juice, cider and vinegar

PROTECTING YOUR FLOCK – A look at the top four chicken predators and advice on keeping them at bay

READY TO GO COUNTRY? – Before you put any money down, get answers to these questions

FIRE PREVENTION & MITIGATION – Common sense and guidance from the DHS: Department of Homestead Security

EDIBLE WINDBREAKS – Fruit-bearing shrubs can protect your property from erosion and feed you, too

LESSONS FROM A JUNKYARD DIVA – How to shop smart and turn trash into treasure

NATURE’S DESIGN STUDIO – Create rustic, outdoorsy items with feathers, plants, wood, stone and more

Price: $10.95