Skillset - Winter 2021

We all know 2020 has been a dumpster fire, but the best way to extinguish those flames is to read the latest issue of Skillset Magazine! Pro GLOCK shooter Michelle Viscusi graces our cover as we lay out our common sense curriculum in our “School Of Hard Knocks” feature story. 

If you’re in quarantine lockdown, we have you covered! Kick back and laugh at “Tales From The Drunkside” while cooking up a batch of our best COVID Cuisine Chili. Learn first hand why Krav Maga is one of the most deadliest fighting systems in the world as well as five TV survival show tips that really work! Fill out our “Lone Wolf” quiz and get a history lesson on Lt. Col. James Megellas, one of the toughest soldiers in WWII.  We’ve got trivia, poker strategies, urban tracking, the history of Strider Knives as well as bulletproof advice on how to riot proof your house, just in case 2021 brings us more surprises! 

For less than the price of a pack of Covid-19 masks, you get 116 pages of pure American awesomeness!


SKILLSET’S UNCOMMON COREThe Return Of Common Sense Curriculum

ROLL CALLLetter From The Editor

INSIDER INFOSharpening The Mind With Mindless Intel

5 SECOND RULECOVID Cuisine: Chili Edition

SKILLSET EDCKickass Items For Everyday Carry

THE HARD STUFFTales From The Drunkside

THE COLLECTORLegendary Mick Strider Knives

THE ASSASSIN’S CLOSETIron Warriors, Russia’s Spetsnaz Elite

FIGHT CLUBStacking Bodies With A Summer Scarf

ACTS OF BRAVERYDeputy Joseph Canales

QUIZ TIMEAre You A Lone Wolf?

ON TILTTips For Smashing Your Friends At Poker

KRAV MAGAStreet Tested Self Defense

THE DEVIL IN BAGGY PANTSJames “Maggie” Megellas, 82nd Airborne’s Most Decorated Officer

RIOT PROOF YOUR HOUSEHome Modifications For The Rebellion

GUILTY!Become A Criminal Without Even Trying

ARTIST SPOTLIGHTVeteran Artist - Jack Young

URBAN TRACKINGManhunting In A City

CELLBLOCK CHEFJailhouse Betty Crocker

PALADIN PRESS MURDERSThe Story Behind Infamous Hitman Killing Spree

ABANDONEDRevitalizing The Urban Explorer


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