Guns of the Old West - Winter 2021

The next installment of Guns of the Old West magazine is here! With 2020 coming to a close we wanted to finish off the year strong and give you a jam packedissue to hold you over throughout the holiday season.

In this issue, Phil Spangenberger gives us a look at some of the guns that could be found in the Merwin, Hulbert & Co. catalog. Writer Peter Suciu takes a look at some big guns you probably wouldn’t have found in a catalog, cannons; Dennis Adler compares three famous Colt single action revolvers from different eras, writer Steven Paul Barlow shows how Turnbull Restorations can restore old guns to their original glory, and Senior Editor Mark Chesnut tells the tales of 10 famous pistol duels, one of which involved Alexander Hamilton and U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr. Not to be outgunned, we hear from our resident SASS shootist La Vista Bill Bell with a hands-on test of the Henry Repeating Arms .45-70 lever action rifle, and Frank Jardim compares two impressive CZ 12 ga. hammer guns. Last, for something a bit different, author Ryan Lee Price takes us back to the Old West to look at the role Man’s Best Friend played on the American Frontier.

TURNBULL RESTORATION – Making old guns like new, and new guns even better

EMF PIETTA OLD WEST .45 LC – Old guns have stories to tell — this new one is no different

CZ 12 GAUGE HAMMER – A quality 1880 import when you want to go full “Doc Holliday”

HENRY’S .45-70 FIGHTER – The iconic lever-action rifle has been America’s choice for 180 years

BIG GUNS – Understanding what is involved with owning cannons

MERWIN, HULBERT & COMPANY – The “ugly ducklings” of sixguns are now eagerly sought after

WESTERN WORDS – I saw it in a catalog 

GUNS OF THE GUNFIGHTERS – Smith & Wesson’s tip-ups

HISTORY – 5 famous duels

FRONTIER LIFE – Paws on the prairie

Price: $8.99