Ballistic - Dec. / Jan. 2021 - BEST GUNS OF THE YEAR

Volume 7 Issue 1

Our third annual Ballistic’s Best awards issue has arrived!

There’s no better way to kick the tumultuous year of 2020 out of commission than with a huge bang. In fact, 12,700 bangs. That’s the estimated number of total rounds our gun-test/evaluation teams let loose in order to determine the best firearm in the eight categories covered in this issue:

Full-size semi-automatic handguns (non-1911)—nine contenders, 1,650 rounds

Compact semi-automatic handguns (non-1911)—nine contenders, 1,650 rounds

Model 1911—10 contenders, 2,000 rounds

AR-15 pistols (5.56mm)—nine contenders, 2,800 rounds

Revolvers (DA/SA .357 Magnum)—five contenders, 800 rounds

Tactical pump-action shotguns—nine contenders, 1,000 rounds

AR-15/AR-10 rifles—eight contenders, 1,800 rounds

Bolt-action rifles (6.5 Creedmoor)—10 contenders, 1,000 rounds

Category rankings and winners were determined by the testing teams based on a nine-point criteria system that included aesthetics, ergonomics, sights, trigger control, recoil control, reloading ease, accuracy, reliability and value/price. Only the final tallies of the score sheets were used to crown the winners. Period. Our editorial staff didn’t have any “discussions” to determine our winners in the aforementioned categories.

We owe this to you, our readers and faithful Ballistic magazine subscribers, as you are the lifeblood of our existence. With that said, pick up your copy today!

FULLY LOADED – The year’s top full-sized fighters duke it out on the range

BATTLE OF THE BRACED BEASTSNine of today’s top 5.56mm-chambered AR pistols strut their stuff

MODEL 1911 MATCH – Enjoy a battle at Gunsite Academy with America’s most legendary sidearm

AR SHOWDOWN – The top AR-15s and big-bore AR-10s get put to the ultimate test

BOLT THROWDOWN – You won’t believe how this year’s best precision rifles category shook out

EDITORS’ SELECTS – More guns, ammo, optics and gear deserving some extra respect

RENDEZVOUS STOCKPILE – The best new shooting stuff showcased at Athlon Outdoors’ latest event in Idaho

Price: $9.95