Combat Handguns - March/April 2021

Your go-to source for new guns, gear, everyday carry tips and more is back with a brand new issue to kick things off right in 2021. The year 2020 saw a lot of things change, one of the more noticeable differences was the historic increase in gun sales. No matter the political affiliation, Americans as a whole spent the year building up their “freedom safes.” With that in mind, we put together this issue of Combat Handguns for all law-abiding citizens who are buying guns and ammo and training to build their skillsets, because we know that you all take the responsibilities of protecting yourselves and your loved ones with the utmost seriousness. Whether you’re new to our world or have been a day one supporter, this one’s for you.

 In this issue, author Martin Topper braces for action the 9mm caliber Rock River Arms LAR-15M pistol, Frank Melloni shares his experience on Top Shot and how it led to the creation of RFI, contributor Karen Hunter sits down with Tim Herron and gives us the goods on his top guns and gear, and Bill Bell explains why the good ol’ “forty” isn’t dead yet!

 So what are you waiting for? Get started and pick up your copy today!

 WILSON COMBAT’S 1911 – A salute to the attainable 1911—the American Combat Pistol

WHO NEEDS AMMO – When ammunition is in short supply, start grasping at air

SIG-SATIONAL – Introducing the Custom Works FCU and P320 Collective

THE RIGHT TRACKER – Shooting Taurus’ seven-shot .357 convertible to 9mm powerhouse

ROLLING AN EIGHT – Revolver showdown with Smith & Wesson, Taurus and Ruger

SELF-DEFENSE & THE LAW – If caught in a riot, the use of firepower is not automatically excused

RIGHTEOUS RIGS – Gunsite’s professionals talk about their carry holsters and guns

A MODEST 9mm – Why the SAR9 is a great bang for your bucks

RINGING STEEL – Wilson Combat’s new Scorable Steel Target offers both visual and audible feedback

POWER PUNCHING – Look at Federal’s new Punch line of defensive cartridges

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