Skillset - Spring 2021

Any magazine can cover the latest and greatest off road - overlanding setup, but can they build the ultimate “SHTF” vehicle that will survive in the barren wastes of our future landscape? We highly doubt it. That’s why we do things a little different here at Skillset!

In Issue 17 we are bringing the heat with some incredible articles as well as all your favorite recurring departments to include The Collector, Fight Club, Acts of Bravery and Skillset EDC. Speaking of everyday carry, if you don’t have a ninja star in your pocket, it’s time to take a long hard look in the mirror. Here are a few fun topics we cover in the latest edition, just in case you need some light reading during the apocalypse:

APOCALYPTIC OVERLANDING – We Built The Ultimate End-Of-The-World Vehicle!

TOP GUNS – 10 Priciest Military Weapons Of All Time

SHADOW WARRIORSNinjas Of The Silver Screen

FIGHT CLUBHow To Fight Like A Roadhouse Bouncer

BOOK ‘EM DANNO70s Cop Shows And Why We Love Them

ACTS OF BRAVERY – Police Sgt. Nate Hutchinson

KILLED BY THE INTERNET – 10 Analog Products Left for Dead

8 REASONS WHY – Alien Is the Best Sci-Fi Horror Movie Ever Made

RAZOR SHARP – Building Our Very First Fixed Blade with Scorpion Six Knives

TALES OF EXTREME SURVIVAL – Miraculous Tales of Cheating Death

HOW TO SCUMBAG THE SCUMBAG – How To Dominate The Used Car Salesman

BORKA BLADES – Grinding Away at The American Dream

AGE IS JUST A NUMBER – 10 Rounds with Bare Knuckle Boxing Champ, Shannon Ritch

Price: $5.99