Combat Handguns - May/June 2021

Just in case you’re living under a rock, Democrats in Congress recently introduced the totally unconstitutional bill, HR 127. If you look into it, you’ll fully realize that the bill shows zero concern for legality, delegated powers and our Bill of Rights. What that means for us is that there’s no doubt we’re in for some troubled waters, but with a positive outlook the Combat Handguns team promises to keep you posted on all the great new guns and gear that will eventually be available for purchase.

This leads us to our May/June cover gun, the PDP (Performance Duty Pistol) from Walther. We’re giving you the inside scoop on the latest striker-fired pistol to hit the market. Seasoned contributor, Len Waldron, went pedal to the metal with it, running standing, kneeling, moving, and all the necessary drills to see if it lived up to the build-up. We didn’t stop there, with the PDP. We called on “American Sheriff” Mark Lamb to get his take on the evolution of duty pistols, and he even gave the new Walther a test drive.

Other issue highlights include a battle of the red-dot-sight equipped 9mms, seven ways to enhance a Heckler & Koch HK SP5, new holster and accessories option for Springfield’s hottest Hellcat, running and gunning with Dan Wesson’s DWX Compact “hybrid.”

Our promise to give you the most content for your hard-earned bucks is further fulfilled...Road trip it to Montana to see where all the Blackhawk magic is made; Stan Trzoniec’s “Reload Zone” will help you dial back some .44 mags to get more range pleasure out of the classic model 29, and Garrett Lucas heads to the gun shop for a special “Tale of the Tape” between a G19 and a Beretta PX4 Compact Carry.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

WUNDERBAR WALTHER PDP – Believe the hype! This new duty/carry pistol is a performance-engineered winner

NO SILENCING THIS LAMB – Range time and duty-pistol talk with America’s Sheriff Mark Lamb

BORN AGAIN 10 – Cylinder & Slide breathes new life into a retro gunfighter snubbie

HYBRID FIGHTER – The new DWX Compact combines the best of two battle-proven platforms

BLACK ICE AHEAD! – How about we take Kimber’s sexy 9mm Rapide Black Ice for a spin?

STOCKPILE – Collection of new and noteworthy guns, ammo and gear

ASK THE PROS – Competitor and industry professional Tes Salb shows off her guns and gear

RANGE GEAR – Find out which type of electronic hearing protectors works best

CUSTOM SHOP – Continuous Precision transforms a pair of stock Glocks for red-dot lovers

DIY UPGRADES – Get to work with Real Avid’s easy-to-use sight-pushing tool

Price: $8.99