Combat Handguns - July/August 2021

The Combat Handgun’s editorial team always aims to cover the gamut of well-rounded content for every issue we put out. The July/August issue is no exception and happens to be extra heavy in the CCW department… as in the smaller and more concealable, the better. Just take a look at the “more rounds on board,” micro-compact S&W Shield Plus that’s gracing the cover. Author Mike Detty gives an in-depth look at how accurate the new 9mm is and explains why it is, without question, going to give the Hellcats of the world a run for their money.

Also in this issue, author Richard Johnson proves slim still means big time with Ed Brown’s refined and 9mm-optimized EVO CC09 Lightweight 1911, we share the late great Denis Prisbrey’s take on a .308-chambered SA58 FAL pistol from DS Arms, and contributor Martin Topper rounds up all the noteworthy 2021 handgun ammo and gives his recommendations for the must-have Mouse Guns for all of you .22 LR fans.

So remember to shoot safe, shoot straight, and make sure to pick up your copy today! 

Z365XL – Zev Technologies delivers a high-octane performance boost to Sig’s P365

SHIELD PLUS – S&W’s latest micro-compact offers shooters a small gun with big capacity

THE LITTLE ELITE XD-M – Let’s all welcome baby brother—Springfield’s new XD-M Elite 3.8” Compact

FIVE 1911S TO DIE FOR – Top dream guns to put on your must-shoot (or own) bucket list

STAN CHEN – Meet the master 1911 craftsman, designer and gunsmith extraordinaire

STOCKPILE – Editors’ picks for  new and noteworthy guns and gear

ASK THE PROS – CZ-USA’s Jared Fox shares his go-to competition and EDC goods

RIGHTEOUS RIGS – Shoulder the load in style and comfort with four Miami Vice-style rigs

AMMO BUYER’S GUIDE – A roundup of the newest handgun fodder soon to hit a gun shop near you

RELOAD ZONE – A guide to rolling your own .38 Super cartridges for a Nighthawk President

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