Tactical Life - Aug. / Sept. 2021

Welcome, Patriots!

We’re glad you’ve joined us for our latest issue of Tactical Life, the magazine for hard-core gun enthusiasts and self-defense practitioners like you who want the very latest news and reviews on weapons, training and accessories. We think we’ve put together an eclectic mix of editorial and hope you enjoy the time you spend with it!

Headlining the issue is a first look at Beretta’s Manurhin revolver and a crazy-compact Cry Havoc AR pistol. Suppressor junkies won’t want to miss our behind-the-scenes look at SilencerCo. Gun collectors will salivate when they see the $20,000 Colt Revolver. Wine drinkers will want to pour into the spotlight we have on the veteran-owned Bonefrog Cellars. And who’s ready for a micro-compact shootout between the new Ruger Max-9 and S&W’s M&P Shield Plus? Speaking of shoutouts, you won’t want to miss our 00/000 Buckshot Royale where Frank Melloni tests seven loads out of a classic Mossberg 590.

Also in this issue, Michael D’Angona shows you which rookie mistakes could take your survival situation from bad to worse, gun expert Robert Sadowski reviews Taurus’ new palm-sized GX4 micro-nine, Rob Garrett loads up his truck for a visit to the U.S. Army’s very own Smithsonian as well as a trip to Tactical Disneyland with the folks at Heckler & Koch, and it’s Team USA vs. Germany as we pit the M1919A4 against the MG34.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

TACTICAL DISNEYLAND – Head to W.O.F.T. in Orlando where the experts teach us to run HKs like a boss

BUILD A TINY BEAST – Call on Cry Havoc and Primary Arms and let slip the dogs of war

MASTERFUL MANURHIN – The new MR73, now being imported by Beretta, lives up to its lofty reputation

BEST RANGER 2021 – Our nation’s top soldiers duke it out in a variety of tactical events

FINE-ARSE FALKOR – The 6.5 Creedmoor-chambered Omega is ready for long-range duty

STOCKPILE – New guns and gear for shooting, hunting and personal-defense

WEAPONS INSIDER – Pulling back the curtain at America’s number one can company

COLLECTOR’S CORNER – You won’t believe the history of Lt. Guy G. Palmer’s revolver

AMMO MATCH – We test seven buckshot loads out of a Mossberg 590A1 to see how they pattern

PATRIOTIC SALUTE – Let’s pop a cork and drink some fine wines that honor the fallen

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