Skillset - Fall 2021

PARA-ABNORMAL & METAPHYSICAL MYTH BUSTERS Skillset’s Guide to Ghost HuntingWho ya gonna call? Yeah, probably not these guys! Skillset editors Jason and Ben give you a quick class on the world of the supernatural before embarking on their very own ghost hunt. See the disturbing photos and read all about their mysterious findings from the Maricopa Murder House!

8 REASONS WHY – We take a walk down memory lane to recognize the reasons why the Soviet Union was the best movie villain ever, and why America was the perfect foil to the dastardly USSR.

THE ASSASSIN’S CLOSET Hitler’s Werewolves of Nazi GermanyTwisted folklore came to life to induce fear on advancing troops during WWII. Hitler created an elite paramilitary resistance group under the plan name “Operation Werewolf”. This force tried to kill the Allies whenever possible and to disrupt them from advancing into Nazi Germany throughout the final months of the war.

ACTS OF BRAVERY – In 2016, Officer Alan Horujko of the Ohio State University Police encountered one of the worst days on duty imaginable. Three years later, President Trump awarded him the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor. This is his story.

FIGHT CLUB Bathroom BrawlsBeing attacked while using the restroom is a shit show situation (yes, pun intended). Go “balls out” and defend yourself it you want to live to see the next boys’ night out!

GRAY MAN SKILLS – The gray man survives worst-case scenarios by trusting his mindset, attitude and skills. We give you 32 ways to start your transformation, moving undetected from urban to off-grid.

DEATH RIDES A PALE HORSE – The American West of the 19th century became world famous for its lawless, rugged nature. Our list takes a look at three of the most prolific, best known and deadliest gunslingers in all of the Wild West. Saddle up and enjoy!


A MERC’S STORY – American Badass Dale Comstock

SURVIVING THE END OF THE WORLD – 6 Real World Disasters and Dystopias

KOREAN CANNIBALSSurviving Starvation North of the DMZ

LARYSA UNLEASHEDTop-Tier Huntress Tells All

7 $PORTS BETTING TIPSGambler's Guide to Good Fortune

WASN’T ME – 10 Ways to Ruin an Alibi

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