Combat Handguns - Nov. / Dec. 2021

Ahoy! Are you ready to bite into the feeding frenzy that is Combat Handguns November/December 2021? Mako my day, and scream “hell’s yeah!” so they can hear you on the other side of the beach.

Warning: There are more BDPs (bad dad puns) ahead, most of which are related to this issue’s cover gun—Kimber’s R7 Mako. Some might say that we’re merely jumping the shark. To those we say, “Chum you!” We editors hope the “first-strike” feature story by Mike Detty will make an enormous splash near the land shark-infested newsstands. Detty asked Kimber reps about the Mako name and they told him: “We developed new nomenclature and gave it a cool, recognizable name. Also, we are confident that the R7 Mako is going to eat up a big chunk of the market!” We concur, and after reading the article (page 20), we strongly believe the competitors in the micro-compact sea will soon be embarking on a mega shark-repellent-making expedition.

Speaking of apex predators, we’re also proud that we hooked into Lone Wolf’s first-ever dive into the pistol suppressor market—the modular Elimin8R-45. Shiver me timbers! Did you see what Lone Wolf did there? Either way, don’t miss Sean Utley’s fin-tastic review!

Want to flipper out of the cage and swim into more great content? We’ve an all-out .44 Mag ammo thrash fest going on in this issue’s “Ammo Match” column. Sailing onward, we pull Wyatt Earp out of Davy Jones’ locker so he can share his timeless gunslinging secrets. Remember bodacious Bo Derek on the beach in the 1979 movie classic 10? Ok, this is a bit of stretch, but if you are looking for that perfect 10mm 1911, let “Tale Of The Tape” Cap’n Garrett Lucas navigate you in the right direction.

There’s plenty more toothy content in the pages to come. So, let’s launch this vessel that awaits you with a quote from comedian Rob Schneider, who once said, “Sharks are like dogs. They only bite when you touch their private parts.” Carry on. Carry always. —The Editors

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SHARK ATTACK! – Kimber’s R7 Mako looks to take a big bite out of the sea of micro-compacts

SILENT WOLF – Testing Lone Wolf’s new Elimin8R-45 modular pistol suppressor

RAGING HUNTER FOUR, SIX, OH! – Taurus chambers its mammoth hunting revolver in the largest chambering yet

STEEL LEGACY – Tyler Gun Works converts and beautifies an old classic

RED-DOT DELIGHT – Rocking the range with the middle child in the FN 509 family

STOCKPILE – Editors’ picks for new and noteworthy guns and gear

ASK THE PROS – Wilson Combat’s top shot Mandy Bachman shares her secrets to success

WHEELHOUSE – This Rock Island Armory Czech import gives the big boys a run for their money

AS SEEN ON THE WEB – The latest Sweat, Lead & Steel video takes you behind the blasts at SCCY Firearms

BASIC TRAINING – Check out Glock’s perfect way to welcome newcomers to gun ownership

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