Tactical Life - December 2021
Nowadays it’s all about the reboot. Films, tv shows, and especially when it comes to taking great guns and making them even better. That’s what the December 2021 issue of Tactical Life is all about. Reboots like the new FN SCARs, Mossberg’s Shockwave 590S, Smith & Wesson’s 15T, and of course Springfield’s new and improved Hi-Power, the SA-35.

If reboots aren’t your thing, we’ve got you covered with some fantastic new guns and ammo that you’ll have to see to believe. Guns like the Christensen Arms bolt-action MPP, Daniel Defense’s foldable AR pistol made possible with help from Law Tactical and SB Tactical, and “brassless” ammunition from True Velocity. The new 6.8 TVC and the prototype Lone Star Future Weapons bullpup are, without question, changing the face of the battlefield and beyond! Speaking of new, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at Wilson Combat’s 16,000-square-foot expansion and their brand new Experior—a great 1911-style 9mm pistol that just might be on your want list soon.

So, buckle up and get ready for a wild jaunt through page after page of tactical goodness. Pick up your copy today!

HIGHER POWER – First look at Springfield Armory’s “Hi-Power-esque” SA-35

MODERN PRECISION PISTOL – Run and gun with the Christensen’s mightiest .308 bolt-action pistol ever made

THUNDERSTAR AK – Century’s new all-American AK goes to school with legend Clint Smith

SCAR FACE LIFT – Hit the range with FN’s trio of next-level, battle-ready SCARs

HIGH-TECH HEARING SAVERS – Get to know Axil—your ears will thank you later

SHOCKWAVE SEQUEL – Mossberg’s best-selling “firearm” just got a lot more, well, shocking

YOUNG GUN SALUTE – Shoot it out with Benelli’s Dakota Overland as she prepares for West Point

STOCKPILE – New guns and gear for shooting, hunting and personal-defense

BEHIND THE BULLETS – Reviewing Wilson Combat’s latest, plus a behind-the-scenes look at WC’s expansion

FAKE-TICAL NEWS – Satire for operators who are nuts about guns

Price: $9.95