Guns of the Old West - Winter 2022

Is it just us, or does every issue of Guns of the Old West keep getting better? If there was any doubt, the Winter 2022 issue is here to make the closing arguments!

Featured on the cover are Cimarron Firearms Lonesome Dove Walker Colt reproductions. These big and handsome .44 percussion revolvers are dedicated to Captains Woodrow F. Call and Augustus “Gus” McCrae, the central characters in Larry McMurtry’s novel Lonesome Dove and the TV mini-series based upon it. Gunslinger La Vista Bill Bell, discusses the commemorative Colts and their long rich history.

Also in this issue, author Shane Jahn introduces you to James B. Gillett and his 1876 Winchester, La Vista Bill Bell tells the story of frontier lawman Fred Lamberta notable New Mexico Peace Officer, and contributor Peter Suciu showcases the prim and proper side of the U.S. Army of the Old West.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

LONESOME DOVE WALKERS – Cimarron is offering a brace of commemorative Colt .44s

THE 10 GA MESSENGER – When you need to “send” a message loud and clear

H&R SAFETY HAMMER – A double-action revolver that you could get for $1.25

POCKET SPITFIRES – Weapons of choice for gamblers, prostitutes, storekeepers and lawmen

GUNS PAST – Model 1894 Winchester

COWBOY STUFF – Cowhide & cold steel

GUNS OF THE GUNFIGHTER – Texas Rangers firepower

SPOTLIGHT – Henry Repeating Rifles

Price: $8.99