Combat Handguns - March/April 2022

It’s rendezvous time! Each year, we invite nearly 30 top firearms and shooting gear companies to our range nestled in the Teton Valley to get an exclusive look at the latest and greatest that the shooting world has to offer. Fresh off our fifth annual Athlon Outdoors Editorial Rendezvous the Combat Handguns editors along with dozens of our top content creators shot thousands of rounds through hundreds of guns—many of which still haven’t been released to the public.

The March/April 2022 issue starts off with Massad Ayoob’s expert analysis of 66 cases that clear the air on the most misunderstood “Stand Your Ground” concept before diving into the “As Seen At Rendezvous 2021” coverage. We’re talking 21 pages of features on the newest guns from CZ-USA, SAR-USA, Springfield Armory and Smith & Wesson. We guarantee there’s something in here for everyone—concealed carriers, competitors, home-defense practitioners and those involved in other outdoor pursuits.

Now we’re really not trying to brag (although it is a total blast to shoot that many new guns), we’re just letting you, our loyal reader, know that we do this for you, our magazine and our online audience, so that we can stay true to our promise of giving you unmatched digital and print content on the latest and greatest that our industry has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

SAR9 GOES COMPACT –  A new Turkish blend of 15+1 EDC pop and striker-fired sleekness

RACE-READY BEAST –  CZ’s new P-10 F CR is built from the ground up to perform

THE HI-POWER PERFECTED? –  Springfield breathes new life to JMB’s last masterpiece with their SA-35

ULTIMATE ONE-TWO PUNCH –  Meet Armscor’s convertible 1911 that rips out 9mm and the super-fast .22 TCM

STOCKPILE –  New guns and gear showcased at Athlon Outdoors’ fifth annual Rendezvous

ASK THE PROS –  Top trainer and competitor Bobby McGee talks winning gear, guns and more

AMMO BOX –  It’s time to find out if G2 ammo can really live up to all the hype

HOME DEFENSE –  Gunsite’s team tactics course highlights the challenges of handling critical situations

Price: $8.99