Skillset - Spring 2022

Long time readers of Skillset will without a doubt know how much we value and respect the blue collar workers of America. If the past two years have shown us anything, it’s that without these men and women choosing to do the jobs they do, life would be very different indeed for the rest of us.

It comes as no big surprise then that the Spring issue of Skillset, would highlight and feature some of these demanding jobs and valuable workers across our great country. From the truck drivers that deliver the goods we depend on, to keep our daily lives going, or the loggers that  are supplying the trees, to make the paper for this very magazine you’re holding in your hand today. Of course how could we forget all the roughnecks, working long hours on the oil rigs who keep our vehicles fueled, and our homes warm.

You can still plan to learn a thing or two in this jam packed issue thanks to historical pieces on the Merchant Marines, as well as a deep dive into the world of human trafficking. They say laughter is the best medicine, and we certainly haven't forgotten about that either.

With articles on the Mothman and a little film called the Cannonball Run, the spring issue of Skillset has it all!

Blue Collar Badasses - 5 Heroes Behind The American Machine

Green Berets VS Aliens - What Is The Government Hiding?

Send In The Merchant Marines - Inside WWII’s Deadliest Job

Pedo Hunters - Fight Against Child Trafficking

Lethwei - The Violent Art Of 9 Limbs

I Can't Drive 55 - Revisiting The Cannonball Run

The Mothman - Appalachias Harbinger Of Doom
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