Tactical Life - March / April 2022

Welcome to the latest issue of Tactical Life!

Having just touched down from our trip to SHOT Show 2022, we hit the ground running to put together the most comprehensive round up of all the hottest new guns, ammo and gear that were on full display in Las Vegas. That’s 132 pages worth of gear that’s about to make some serious noise in the world of ammo and firearms.

So to kick things off, we’re featuring two absolute must-haves on this issue's covers. Newsstand readers will be treated to Nighthawk Custom’s GRP chambered in the new 30 Super Carry round. This new caliber resides between the .380 Auto and the ultra-popular 9mm and has the potential to revolutionize concealed carry guns. Don’t think so? Nighthawk Custom and Smith & Wesson have already built pistols to handle the new round. Just saying…

Never to be outdone, our subscribers will get an exclusive look at our latest obsession, the Springfield Hellion. At just slightly over 28 inches, this kickass little bullpup rifle is a bundle of fun, and it totes 30 rounds of 5.56mm!

We meant what we said, this issue is packed with exclusives. From a DIY airplane kit to a vest torture test to reports on home- and self-defense gear for handgunners and shotgunners alike, if it’s new we’ve got it!

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy now!

HELLO HELLION – Springfield’s first bullpup gives Americans a super-hot taste of Southeast Europe

30 SUPER CARRY – Meet the game changer that lets you carry like a .380 and hit like a 9mm

BUILT TO OPERATE – Springfield’s latest 1911 steel defender fills the gap between standard and custom

6MM ARC SPECTRUM – It’s feeding time to find out if Hornady’s newest rounds really have you covered

CHAOS CONTROL – EAA’s new Churchill 220 Optics Tactical reports for home-defense duty

STOCKPILE – New guns and gear for shooting, hunting and personal-defense

TACTICAL RIDES – We’re taking it to new heights to show you the joys of kitplane ownership

WARRIOR WEAR – Adept Armor is poised to bring steel combat helmets back to the front lines

Price: $9.95