Tactical Life - May / June 2022

After a one-year C-One-Niner hiatus, the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show—aka SHOT Show—was back! There was no way we could just sit back and watch its triumphant return so we rounded up a team of Tactical Life’s main content creators and sent them out to Las Vegas to brave the “masked-up” masses to lay their paws on the “latest and greatest” for 2022 in the firearms world.

With the current state of affairs being what they are—war in Eurasia, sky-high inflation rates, insane gasoline prices, pending food shortages—there has probably been no better time in history to stock up on guns, ammunition and related gear to ensure you’ve got what you need when you need it.

We’ve got a fully loaded, “Hot From SHOT” issue showcasing the newest and most notable gear covered in the pages ahead. As you’ll see on our subscriber cover, there’s no shortage of next-generation shotguns primed for home- and personal-defense use. For good measure, we’ve got some great sporting guns featured, too.

And our newsstand cover shines a light on the latest rundown of new guns in the concealed carry market, which is still rocking hot, hot, hot! Enjoy the issue, and please be sure to visit tactical-life.com, personaldefenseworld.com and ballisticmag.com for more companion SHOT Show content.

 So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

THE GREAT GARRISON – Springfield’s new rock-solid 1911 has everything you need and nothing you don’t

THE CYCLOPS CHALLENGE – A Rise Watchmen topped with a PA 3x Prism scope goes to hell and back

ULTIMATE UTILITY 12 – S&W joins the self-defense shotgun market with its first-ever bullpup beast

THE COLOSSAL COLOSSEUM – Go under the life and death scenes of the greatest blood sport arena in the world


EDC COMPACTS – The top 25 new everyday carry handguns for 2022

SHOTGUNS – A look at 16 of the newest offerings in the scattergun market

NEW CANS – Exciting silent treatment from the suppressor market

PISTOL AMMO – Latest loads that’ll make your handgun go boom

AIR SUPPORT – Bust out the kid in you with the new full-auto HK 416 machine gun

TACTICAL RIDES – Expand your playground and get to deep depths with Triton Subs

Price: $9.95