Combat Handguns - July / August 2022

America! The greatest country on earth. Period. This July 4th we’ll be celebrating America’s 246th birthday with fireworks, BBQs, and gatherings of friends and family to celebrate America the beautiful. And what can be more American than guns and our Second Amendment rights?

We’ve got plenty of those in store for our  July/August issue of Combat Handguns. Kicking things off on the cover is Zev Technologies’ OZ9 Elite. If you know anything about Zev, then you know the OZ isn’t simply some sort of Glock clone. Arguably, Zev’s guns are even more “perfect” in so many ways.

More perfection is coming at you hot with Colt’s reintroduction of the 3-inch-barreled Python. You won’t want to miss Mike Detty’s take on that classic wheelgun.

Also in this issue, sharpshooter Martin Topper discusses how when it comes to self-defense, there’s more to punching paper targets than meets the eye; resident gunslinger Garrett Lucas makes two modern-day takes on John Moses Browning Hi-Powers duke it out on the range, and Karen Hunter sits down with tried-and-true trainer Clint Achziger for a peek into his gear selection.

As you’ll see from the short list below, we’ve got plenty more firepower in store. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

DIE HARD YKMF-5 – Quarter Circle 10 will have you singing Yippee-Ki-Yay… John McClane style

PRO PACKIN’ – Springfield welcomes a new and improved Hellcat to the micro-compact family

ZEV OZ9 ELITE – Time to ride the Maserati of striker-fired EDC guns, the newest Original Zev family member

PEW-PEW FOR THE PEOPLE – The new HK VP9-ish SAR9 delivers big performance and capacity at a killer price

THE 3" PYTHON STRIKES AGAIN – After 34 years, Colt’s coveted combat revolver comes back to full-bore production

FULL-SIZE FIGHTERS – A look at what’s new for 2022 in the go-big-or-go-home category

PISTOL AMMO – Latest loads that’ll make your handgun go boom

GUNS WITH A PAST – A look at Otto Kron’s safe queen that he surrendered to U.S. Army forces in 1945

CARRY SAVVY – Shoulder holsters, boon or burden?


What can be learned from the Kyle Rittenhouse and Arbery courtroom battles


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